Dynamic Personalities



“When Mr. Sjoberg was done I realized that it was as if he had put up a mirror in front of me, and it was the first time I really saw myself as I am.”

– Wil Losch (Advisor/Teacher, Rhinelander Charter School)

“What I learned in less than 60 minutes with Robert Sjoberg, I spent more than 2 days teaching my students. It was powerful!”

– Kirby Kooler (Advisor/Teacher, Rhinelander Charter School)

“Mr. Sjoberg has a winning personality and really lightens up the class room. It was a pleasure having him here. He is by far one of the most interesting and entertaining Consultants that I have had the pleasure to work with during my 8 years in this business.”

– Carl Smith (Personality Insights Inc. Atlanta GA)

“I am so glad that I received this information before it was too late, it save me from going nuts in the senior year. I didn’t understand why I was so frustrated with my teacher. Mr. Sjoberg showed me and I realized that it was nothing wrong with me!”

– R Warning (Student, RHS/NCSS)

“I finally understood why I have had a hard time communicating with my children, I didn’t see it until I worked with the information that I was given at the workshop. Amazing!”

– Nilla Sjoberg (Rhinelander Public Library)

“Mr. Sjoberg, thank you very so much! I now realize my own potential. You have been more than a mentor, you were my life coach! Who knew that my personality were a strength?!”

–Tim Cirilli (Student, RHS/NCSS)

“I wish I did this 6 years ago, because two days of training could have saved me 6 years of headache!”

–S. Snyder MI (Principal)

“What my staff needed was to communicate, what I found out was I needed to do it too. I was very excited to find out the strengths in others and myself. I was able to put the right person where they worked best. Time and money was saved. With better understanding, less stress. I recommend this training for everybody that interacts with any people.”

–Sue Koehne (Administrator, Northland Orthopedics Association)