Dynamic Personalities

What if... and then some

I wish I knew this 30 years ago...

I found some people that were nice, some rude, some were laid back others plain crazy. Then again some took charge, others were more like wimps or simply didn't care at all. Why were they so strange? They needed to change, for sure! Why was it so hard to make me understand why people didn't do what I thought they should do.
What was it that I didn't know that have hindered my growth as a leader, coach, teacher, father, husband or even as a student, employee or son, and any other position I have held in my professional life?

Yet the solution was so simple, there was nothing wrong with other people, I just didn't understand them, even more important; I didn't understand myself.

After I understood myself I could turn it outwards and learn how to understand others. Once that was accomplished we could work together so much better and really understand each other to accomplish great things.

What I have learned...