Dynamic Personalities



About the Trainer

Robert Sjoberg created Dynamic Personalities because of a desire and a passion to help people in all walks of life understand themselves a little bit more so they could have a better life. Impacting how people relate and communicate and how this can mean success for business teams and business owners. This is the message Robert Sjoberg, father of two, business owner, certified human behavior specialist and airline pilot will convey through his interactive, fun, and educational presentations. Throughout his career, Sjoberg realized that communication and understanding was the key to success. Utilizing his background as a certified human behavior specialist and entrepreneur along with his passion for teaching and helping people, he is pursuing his goal of impacting people’s lives through presentations designed to raise awareness and appreciation of differing perspectives. While impacting individuals throughout the United States and Europe, Sjoberg currently resides in Minnesota with his wife.

What we do:

Creating a quick and simple way to create a common language

How do we do it:

By using a proven model of human behavior

Whom do we do it for:

Anyone who wants a better more effective way to communicate and understanding

What VALUE are we bringing:

-A safe non-judgmental, non-threatening environment
-Effective communication
-Invest once, get insight for life
-Better understanding, better results

Who is the target?

What does Business, Ministry, School, Family, Government and all other organizations have in
common? PEOPLE! And what do they do? COMMUNICATE.

Our goal:

Empower people to improve to do life better.

Trainer Experience:

Robert Sjoberg is a Certified Human Behavior Specialist. Married, 2 children. Started out as a Chemical Engineer but later followed his passion for teaching and learning. He has an extensive teaching and training background. Born in Sweden where he started to teach swimming at 15 years of age, he was the youngest Martial Arts Instructor for several years. A sought after substitute teacher, K-12. Was rewarded best recruit when he served in the Navy. A successful event planner. Moved to the USA 1994 where he has been a Swim coach, Destination Imagination coach, Certified Flight Instructor, Airline Captain, and more. His passion for teaching and learning is apparent, and he has been a mentor for many students, teachers and professionals over the years. Been involved with the business community and schools for over 19 years, where he helped out where ever he could. His presentation skills are funny, interactive and interesting. He is always having fun when he teaches or presents his subject(s), whether it is Personality styles or Nuclear Physics. His goal is to profoundly impact people’s lives through his presentations, designed to raise people’s awareness and appreciation of differing perspectives.

He loves to teach and it shows!